Celestia Performing Arts Association, Inc.

Celestia Performing Arts Association, Inc.

P.O. Box 1884

  Horsham, PA  19044

FAQs about Celestia

1. When and where does Celestia rehearse?

Celestia’s fall season runs from mid-September through mid-December (holiday concert)

Celestia’s spring season runs from mid-January through mid-June (themed concert – changes each year)

Celestia rehearses on Tuesday evenings at 7:30 p.m. at Resurrection Lutheran Church in Horsham 

2. How much are dues?

Dues are $40/semester plus music costs and a small fee to cover the cost of shipping, sales tax and extra copies of octavos for our Director and Accompanist.

3. Why are dues needed?

To cover a portion of Celestia’s expenses which include practice space rental, storage space rental, insurance, professional fees, postage, AV equipment replacement, venue fees and ASCAP.

4. How often does Celestia perform?

Typically 4-5 holiday concerts in December and 5-7 spring themed concerts from mid-May to mid-June.

5. Where does Celestia perform?

At Retirement Communities, community events and at varying venues for our public concerts

6. What is the dress code for our concerts?

For holiday concert: Black pants, black shoes, and plain black tops and holiday scarves for women provided by Celestia  For spring concert: Black pants, black shoes, and white tops (shirts for men) and pastel scarves for women provided by Celestia – also, closed toe shoes for women

7. What type of fund raisers does Celestia have?

In the fall we have sold candy, pies and first aid kits. Also, we typically encourage members to purchase inexpensive tribute ads that appear in the program at our concerts. In addition, we have begun seeking corporate sponsorships. At our spring public concert we have had raffles on a variety of items including gift cards, jewelry, food items, etc. Each week at practice we sell tickets for a 50/50 raffle. 

Members are encouraged to sell as much as they can, but there are no individual goals

8. Are there auditions?

There are no auditions – Celestia's main goal is to give back to the community by performing concerts for all tastes and ages and have fun while we are doing it.

9. Do I have to know how to read music?

This is not required, but it doesn’t hurt

10. What type of music does Celestia sing?

Celestia specializes in singing popular music of all types. We also always include an acappella number in each concert so if you like to sing barbershop style, you will want to be part of that group.

11. How else can I get involved?

We have a variety of committees including fund raising, set-up and refreshments -- we encourage members to sign up for one of these committees.

12. What else should I know about Celestia?

Celestia is a 501c 3 non-profit corporation with Officers and a Board of Directors. Current officers are:

Carol Bonnet, President

Alex Ramirez, Vice President

Chas Denzler, Treasurer

Regina Holcolme, Secretary

Barbara Millar, Recording Secretary

Barbara Zieper, Fundraising Chair

Mary Porter, Past President, Member at Large, Music Librarian

Meghan McGinty, Choral Director

The Board of Directors meet a minimum of four times a year.